Doe-A-Deer Jutti - Traditional Punjabi Jutti with Intricate Deer Embroidery

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Explore the finesse of traditional craftsmanship with Shilpsutra's Doe-A-Deer Jutti. This exquisite piece combines traditional Indian artistry with contemporary design, making it an ideal choice for those seeking Punjabi jutti online. Originating from India, Juttis are known for their comfortable fit, intricate embroidery, beading work, and versatility in complementing various outfits.

The Doe-A-Deer Jutti showcases the pinnacle of jutti craftsmanship. Hand-stitched by skilled artisans, it features a high-quality leather construction for durability. The upper part boasts a stunning embroidery depicting a graceful doe surrounded by lush greenery and flowers. The intricate floral patterns and vibrant colors enhance the overall beauty of the shoe.

Designed for comfort, the sole is crafted from soft and flexible rubber, providing a comfortable experience for extended wear. The high-quality foam insole offers cushioning and support, making it perfect for daily use. What sets this jutti apart is its versatility, seamlessly pairing with traditional Indian outfits like sarees and salwar kameez, as well as modern western attire such as jeans and dresses. The beautiful embroidery and beading make it an ideal choice for brides, doubling as a dulhan juti.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Doe-A-Deer Jutti is crafted using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Ethically sourced leather and chemical-free dyes contribute to its beauty and environmental consciousness.

In essence, the Doe-A-Deer Jutti from Shilpsutra is a harmonious blend of traditional Indian craftsmanship and contemporary design. Whether for daily wear or special events, this jutti offers a comfortable and stylish option. Visit the Shilpsutra website today to order your pair and experience the beauty and versatility of the Doe-A-Deer Jutti.

Deer hold a significant place in mythologies worldwide, often symbolizing divine attributes. The 'Doe-A-Deer' Juttis capture this essence with sophisticated embroidery using Resham thread and beads on a grey raw silk base. Elegant and comfortable with a triple-padded sole, this pair is perfect for formal events, combining both style and comfort seamlessly.

Color: Grey
Material: Leather
  • Leather Padding
  • Triple Cushioning for comfort
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loving them

"I absolutely loved your juttis! Super comfortable and intricate embroidery