Who We Are

Shilpsutra is a celebrated Indian luxury brand dedicated to redefining elegance with our exquisite range of women's footwear and clothing. We take pride in creating artisanal pieces that embody traditional craftsmanship fused with contemporary design.

Our journey began with a passion to revive and celebrate India's rich heritage of footwear, especially the timeless juttis, through modern aesthetics. Each Shilpsutra product is a testament to the dedication and skill of our artisans, who meticulously handcraft every piece with love and precision.

Renowned for our attention to detail, Shilpsutra products are not just accessories; they are statements of individuality and sophistication. Our clientele includes discerning women from all corners of the globe, including celebrities who appreciate the exclusivity and quality of our creations.

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How We Build Our Products

At Shilpsutra, each product is a labor of love crafted by skilled artisans in our atelier. We combine age-old techniques with contemporary design sensibilities to create footwear and clothing that exude elegance and charm.

Our journey begins with sourcing the finest materials, including premium leathers, fabrics, and embellishments, meticulously selected for their quality and aesthetic appeal. Each component is chosen to ensure durability and comfort, essential qualities in luxury fashion.

Our artisans, with years of expertise passed down through generations, bring our designs to life through intricate handcrafting. From hand-stitching and embroidery to hand-painting and embellishment, every detail is executed with precision and care.

One of our signature processes is the art of hand-painting, where skilled artists meticulously adorn our footwear and clothing with intricate patterns and motifs, transforming each piece into a wearable work of art.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our production practices, where we prioritize ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing. We believe in creating timeless pieces that transcend trends and contribute to a more conscious fashion industry.

Craftsmanship at Shilpsutra

Our Products

Discover the epitome of luxury fashion with Shilpsutra's exclusive collection of women's footwear and clothing. Each piece in our curated range is designed to elevate your style and celebrate individuality.

Product 1

Step into elegance with our range of handcrafted juttis, featuring intricate embroidery and vibrant colors that reflect India's rich cultural heritage.

Product 2

Explore our collection of chic sliders, crafted with premium materials for comfort and style, perfect for everyday wear with a touch of sophistication.

Product 3

Make a statement with our elegant heels, featuring unique designs and exquisite detailing that complement any ensemble, from classic to contemporary.

Our Team

At Shilpsutra, we are more than a team - we are a close-knit family of artisans, designers, and fashion enthusiasts who share a passion for creating exquisite luxury products. Our collective dedication and collaborative spirit define the essence of Shilpsutra.

Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, contributing to every stage of the creative process. From conceptualization and design to craftsmanship and customer relations, we work seamlessly together to ensure every Shilpsutra product meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

We foster an environment that values creativity, innovation, and attention to detail. Our commitment to preserving traditional Indian craftsmanship while embracing modern design aesthetics drives us to continuously evolve and refine our offerings.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by combining our talents and perspectives, we can create timeless pieces that resonate with our customers worldwide.

Join Our Team

Are you passionate about craftsmanship, creativity, and luxury fashion? Join our dynamic team at Shilpsutra and be part of a culture that values innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

We are always looking for talented individuals who share our commitment to preserving traditional Indian craftsmanship while pushing boundaries with modern design.

Whether you are a skilled artisan, a creative designer, or a customer service professional dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences, we invite you to apply by emailing your CV, cover letter, and portfolio (if applicable) to info@shilpsutra.com.

Discover a rewarding career path with Shilpsutra and contribute to the creation of exquisite luxury products that resonate with customers worldwide.

Our Services

At Shilpsutra, we are committed to delivering exceptional services that complement our exquisite products. Explore the range of personalized offerings designed to enhance your luxury shopping experience.

Service 1

Custom Fittings

Experience personalized attention with our custom fitting service. Our experts ensure that every product fits perfectly, enhancing comfort and style.

Service 2

Bespoke Designs

Unlock your unique style with bespoke designs tailored to your preferences. Collaborate with our designers to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your individuality.

Service 3

Worldwide Shipping

Enjoy the convenience of worldwide shipping. We ensure safe and timely delivery of our luxury products to your doorstep, no matter where you are located.