Five Things That Covid-19 Taught Us

┬áTimes that none of us saw coming and none of us wanted to see in a lifetime. An year that’s gone by and brought the lives at a stand still. With all that’s heartbreaking about it, there is something we could have never learnt and realized had it not been for this Virus. These are the times when we need to walk through it together and uplift each others spirit. Lets see what we can take from here as learnings to carry forward:

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1. Let Nature be…

We are all guilty of tossing the nature in the ways we pleased and it kept taking it all in until it was enough. We were so busy in the name of modernization that we didn’t realize how damaging and suffocating it was for our nature and its habitat. Lets all make a promise to self that we will all do our bit in restoring the nature and its course and believe me we don’t need to do much because that’s how giving the mother nature is… Little bit of respect and discipline will do it all.

2. Present is Precious

What’s in the hand is the moment now. Tomorrow is a mere thought and yesterday is an illusion today, causing pain and what if’s. The time to be spent with loved ones was long due and that moment is now. Stay home with your people and see what you were missing all this while.

3. Appreciate, Don’t abuse

Be it the health, money or other resource, these times have tested us in all forms. The things we took for granted are the things we are fighting for today. So while we suggest enjoying your present is the key to life, we say keeping an umbrella for rainy days isn’t a bad idea.

4. Life skills

In the middle of catching up with the pace that these manmade industries and work culture has set we forgot to learn the basic life skills like cooking for oneself or the family, cleaning and many other everyday chores. The virus made us realize that these household chores aren’t gender bias. Everyone should know how to feed themselves. 

5. Respect the help

People who work for us, be it the cook or the cleaner, the driver or the mail guy, they all make our life so much easy on every day basis and yet we never acknowledged there help as help until now.  Now when we all have done what other people used to do for us, we realize that its no piece of cake and that they deserve our respect too in return. 

While there is so much positivity one can find in tough times it was difficult in these times of COVID. But lets all pray for the world, the lives that we lost and the souls that we can save. These lessons will save us so many people, memories, moments and our respect in our eyes for the lifetime to come. Do your bit while you still can. Stay at home, stay safe and stop the spread. This shall pass too…

To bright smiles and a better life…

Love and Light! 

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