Footwear Trend Of The Year Vs. The Timeless

Its not merely about early morning rush to get ahead in the line to grab the most talked one from the latest launch of your favorite fashion brand or flashing the pre-order exclusive design among the fashion enthusiast group. Fashion is way more than any of that. As the legends said time and again,

“Fashion is art and art is beyond rules”

Picture Courtesy: WGSN

But the question is,’ should we really fall for the idea of something new every minute or we owe an apology to the timeless’. And is there any parameter to decide if a trend is a Fashion gain or a fashion Pain? The Answer is Yes!

We can all identify easily if to follow a trend or go on a classic spree in the respective season with the following steps:

 Step 1: Comfort

Yes! as astonishing as this may sound but comfort has to be the top most priority in your check list while making a footwear purchase.

In Image: Shilpsutra’s Feet in Pleat Jutti

 Be it an occasion wear or a casual flip flop or those super chic heels for work, if it bites, you may end up keeping it at the back of your shoe rack and that dear darlings won’t even serve the purpose of being a show piece.

 Step 2: Appeal

 Just don’t consider anything or everything ‘Fashion’ that a  famous celebrity is spotted in. They are paid for wearing those things half of the time and it takes a team to put together a look which is the sponsored product centric.

So the best way is to see if the product is appealing on its own.

Step 3: Value addition

Does it happen with you too or i am the only one who has purchased a few footwear because someone said i should? C’mon we all have been there and have had this conversation in our head that when will I wear it or with what or Do i really need these? But we end up buying because someone said its the latest design or the last pieces of the much talked style. Well!don’t…

 Because in footwear’s it’s important to see how the new pair is gonna compliment your existing wardrobe. Else the next struggle will be to find the outfit which goes with shoe.

Step 4: Purpose

It’s is really important to see what purpose is the purchase gonna solve for you. If its for office then you would wanna be more cautious in the choice of color, feel and durability.

Hermes Spring 2021

 If it’s for Casuals then make sure its chic enough to go easy with easy wear and if its for party then girl make it blingy or shiny as suits your mood.

Step 5 : Affordability

Prada Spring 2021

Everyone has a different budget for their fashion pleasure and there is no need to make a hole in your pocket to buy whats not gonna be in trend next season. 

Buy what makes you feel confident and comfortable and not what takes you closer to a Physio or a meme box. 

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