White Juttis with the perfect back story – Amaryllis

First from our new collection ‘Fables and Folklore, Introducing ‘Amaryllis’, a gorgeous pair of hand embroidered white juttis showcasing intricate silk thread shaded work with cutdana and beada on a white slubbed fabric.

Fables: Stories that feature animals with human characteristics told to deliver a message or moral.

Folklore: Stories told time and again for centuries featuring humans with unmatched strength and character.

Just like the name of the collection suggests, each and every piece from ‘Fables and Folklore’ tells a unique story of tradition. Using art form from centuries ago, ShilpSutra has created intricate embroidered storylines in every product. The use of Crystal, Resham, Zari, Cutdana, Pearls and Dabka, embellishments used during the golden period of India, ShilpSutra brings a one of a kind collection to life this season. This will be the first time a brand has introduced crystal work with Resham embroidery. Here’s the perfect pair of white juttis from this collection that you will adore:

Amaryllis Juttis by Shilpsutra

The legend behind the name Amaryllis and the design originates from Greek Mythology. According to Greek mythology, the amaryllis originated from the love Amaryllis had for Alteo. Amaryllis, a maiden, fell in love with the shepherd Alteo. He was strong and handsome, and had a passion for flowers. To learn how to win his affection, Amaryllis went to the Oracle of Delphi for advice.

On the Oracle’s orders, she stood in front of Alteo’s house for thirty nights piercing her heart with a golden arrow. On the thirtieth night, a beautiful flower grew from her blood and helped her win Alteo’s love.

If you’re not a fan of white juttis, stay tuned for the rest of the collection to be revealed!

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