Keeping up with Trends – Poker Face Loafers

The fashion industry is fickle at best of its times. One day we’re looking at athleisure and
sneakers become staple and right the other day we’re all about boho and chic outfits with
delicate sandals and juttis becoming a must have in our wardrobe. So, how does ShilpSutra
manage to keep up with the ever changing trends of the industry?
Simple: Convenience, Comfort and Charisma. We understand the three necessities of every
woman’s wardrobe. Combining the three Cs of fashion essentials, ShilpSutra has launched a
better than ever Summer collection with not only elegant juttis but also smart loafers! Talking
about loafers, here’s one that combines everything a woman needs from her footwear:

Poker Face

Convenience, Comfort and Charisma never go out of style but Innovation is what keeps a
brand above the competition! Bringing innovative concepts through our footwear and giving
customers value for their money has always been a motto at ShilpSutra, which is why our
latest addition to the collection is Poker Face loafers. Classic dark denim base in the shape of
formal loafers embroidered upon with 3D technique using anchor thread, a pair of loafers that
can act as two different styles! Yes, a two in one footwear! Here’s how it works:

Convenience: What’s more convenient than having two pairs of footwear that take up the
pace of one? Solving your storage as well as style dilemma, Poker face is sure to become a

Comfort: Lined with triple layer soft cushioning and made with highest grade cattle leather,
Poker Face soles are going to be your feet’s best friends on long days of work!

Charisma: Denim has the power to add that boost to any outfit! Whether you’re wearing an
all white pant suit or a summer dress, these denim loafers with intricate multicoloured
embroidery will become the highlight of your outfit!
Here’s where you can get your hands on, oops, your feet in our exclusive two in one loafers:

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