5 Reasons Why Juttis Are Simply The Best

Juttis have become all the rage lately, with many designers taking interest in various designs and variations of the simple jutti. The diversity of design which is possible on this unique footwear is what makes them so lovable. Other than that, there are many other factors which make juttis the coolest footwear there is!

  1. Diverse Purposes

Juttis can be paired with anything, specially if they have minimal embellishments. They can be worn on any occasion whether casual or formal, and don’t necessarily have to be paired with an ethnic outfit. For example, our Blooming Garden juttis are perfect for any ocassion and can even be slipped on for a stroll to the mall.

Blooming Garden

2. Climate Friendly

Even if the Juttis are not made from the warmest material, they can be work in both winters and summers making your feet stay fabulous throughout the year. Leather is a material which doesn’t make your feet sweat in the summers but also keep them warm in the winter. Plus, the partial coverage juttis give you gives your feet some breathability. Our Greylovy juttis are perfect for the summer and the winter festive seasons.



3. Worth It

Juttis are not very heavy on the pocket, specially if they are of good quality, they are worth it if they last most than 2 years. The price of juttis increases with the amount of work they have in them and they can never go out of fashion. Our Gold juttis are a winner and will never go out of fashion and are super light on the pocket.


4. Keeping Tradition

Juttis can not be created without the expert hands of our craftsman who patiently and lovingly sew each thread into place. Juttis originate from Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana and are a passed down through a lineage of knowledgable craftsman. Our Vivid Dreams pair is a great example of intricate embroidery and expertise which goes into the making of a jutti.

Vivid Dreams

5. Pairs for all

Juttis are a category of footwear that are made for both men and women. Men can also sport them with semi formals and  even jeans and look super stylish. We have a collection of men’s juttis as well. Our Dash Black juttis are a crowd favorite and are very stylish as well.

Dash Black

We hope you indulge yourself in these sole-ful pieces soon! We know we love all our juttis and hope you walk the ShilpSutra way.

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