How to Find The Right Jutti

Blossom Juttis by ShilpSutra

Juttis are Indian handcrafted goodness brought to life. Craftsman carefully choose the fabric, beads or design which goes on to these soles to make each jutti a unique one. We have put together a list of ways you can choose the right jutti for the right ocassion.

Understand the Work That Has Gone into Making the Jutti

If you are going to a light event, you can choose low-budget Juttis. avoid pairs that have embellishments like pearls or heavy embroidery. Instead, go for the lightly embroidered ones, plain ones or printed ones as they will fit into a low budget.

Look Online

A good browse of all the leading Jutti brands will clear your head as to what types of Juttis float your boat. There are a variety of hand painted, emroidered, patchwork, embellished and plain juttis on websites such as

The Brand Matters

Apart from price, the quality and value for money matters the most. Most upcoming Jutti brands have now become repetitive and monotonous. We need to choose brands which have original designs and actually speak your style.


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